Logical Services deploys Integriti at Frankston City Council

The Frankston Civic Centre.

Frankston is a dynamic municipality within the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. In recent years the Victorian state government has invested significantly to further enhance this enviable bayside location as a designated tourist destination. With a population already over 120,000 and set to rapidly grow, Frankston City Council desperately needed to upgrade and streamline their security management system and processes. Before the upgrade, each of the Council’s 10 different sites had a standalone Inner Range Concept 4000/Insight solution with each site managing its own cardholders. Accuracy of cardholder data across the 10 sites was a real concern due to the manual process required to update records.

The requirements for Frankston City Council were simple but two-fold: they needed a robust and user-friendly system that would build upon the existing Concept 4000 infrastructure and a single system that would easily accommodate a multi-site architecture, thus reducing the inefficiencies of individually managing 10 sites. It was also important that the new system was future proof with a scalable modular design, could integrate with third party systems if required, was competitively priced with no lock-in contracts (or annual fees) and could seamlessly utilise the Council’s existing wired, wireless and WAN based I.T network. The answer was simple: Integriti – the next generation platform from Inner Range.

At the time, the Integriti platform was relatively new to the market. Inner Range worked closely with security integrator, Brendan Bain from Logical Services, and the Council to ensure a smooth transition. As the first step, Integriti software was installed on the Council’s existing virtualised servers, one server for the application and another server for the SQL database, in-line with Council’s requirements. Integriti client software was then installed on existing workstations throughout the 10 sites and connectivity was established to the server via the Council’s WAN. Cardholder and system configuration data was then migrated from the existing Insight application to the new Integriti system.

Over the next few months each Concept 4000 site was decommissioned as the Integriti system came online. This entire migration process was quick and painless. All sites were now connected to a single server. This fulfilled the second part of the Council’s requirement, centralised management of their security system. The Council’s process of cardholder administration was now greatly streamlined, resulting in tangible cost-savings in comparison to the methods of managing cardholders in the past. As Integriti is inherently designed to support multi-site applications, cardholders need only to be programmed once and Integriti will seamlessly send the relevant programming to all sites. This ensures that cardholder data does not need to be manually entered into multiple site databases.

Council facility managers began using Integriti software without feeling the need to complete training beforehand. The intuitive design of Integriti software meant that operators could be self-taught – yet another cost saving for the Council. Integriti software operator permissions were established ensuring only operators with sufficient privileges were able to view programming within their respective site. The flexibility of Integriti and the logical division of administrative tasks meant that individual sites could run with an autonomous look and feel, whilst still utilising a centrally managed database.

With over 200 access controlled doors and 2,000 cardholders, the Frankston City Council upgrade was no small feat. Seeing the benefits immediately, Frankston City Council are immensely satisfied with Integriti and the overall outcome.

  • Integriti provides integrated intruder detection and access control on all sites.
  • Site specific administration is now carried out locally whilst the entire database is hosted and managed centrally.
  • Cardholder data is accurately maintained due to a singular centralised database.
  • Utilisation of Council’s existing I.T. infrastructure including virtual servers, wired and wireless LAN’s and WAN’s.
  • Council now boast a future proof security system that is scalable and has no lock-in contracts.
  • Security administration is now simple with Integriti software that anyone can use.
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