Can your surveillance system match this?

A high resolution of a 180 degree CCTV image.

Up to 20 times greater image quality than conventional security camera systems.

Automatically email your still images or short video clips of events pre-determined by you including triggering by movement, time, audio sensing, temperature, shock or even a combination of sensors in a particular order.

Record synchronised high quality audio to accompany your high quality video.

CCTV Surveillance with the ability to view angles up to 180 degrees in width in a single image.

The ability to ignore bright areas to ensure your target area exposure is always optimised.

Allow you to view protected, secure, live and recorded video from any web browser enabled device such as a PC, smart phone or tablet without the need to load special software.

Allow you to easily control security equipment such as gates, doors, security systems and machinery whilst viewing the live image.

Allow you to conduct 2-way VOIP communications to any security camera when integrated into your VOIP service.

Automatically play an audio file(s) to deter a possible intruder when activity is detected during your nominated day and time period(s).

Cost you approximately 1/6th of the power usage of a conventional CCTV system to run.

Ability to imprint data such as cash register transactions into the video and automatically email any “No Sale” or irregular transaction video to you.

CCTV cameras work reliably between temperatures of -30 to +60 degrees Celsius, in all weather conditions and able to be high pressure cleaned for easier maintenance.

CCTV Surveillance System requires no license fees, software fees or ongoing royalties ever.

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