A Flexible and Scalable Access Control Management System

Logical Services’ Access Control utilizes solutions via trusted and recognised equipment manufacturers such as Inner Range, to offer extensive capabilities as you would expect from a state-of-the-art enterprise-level access control system.

Access control requirements come in all shapes and sizes, with many levels of risk. Organisations may consist of just one site or maybe many sites distributed across the city, across the county or across the globe. They may need an extensive security and access control system, or a more simplified one, we do it all.

Logical Services Delivers a Truly Unique
Integrated Solution

It is through the integration of Mobotix CCTV and Inner Range Integriti that the system delivers its compelling advantages: Reduced equipment cost, lower installation and maintenance costs, simpler and more practical system management, complementary functionality to name just a few.

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A graphic for the Integriti System

Integriti System

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Non-Proprietary System

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Integration Options


Logical Services understands that building automation plays a vital role in making premises more cost-efficient and in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Building automation plays a vital role in making premises more cost-efficient and in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems can all be integrated and automated via one centralised management system. Thus significant savings in energy and administrative costs can be achieved – A win-win investment for you and for the environment.

Integriti System

The Integriti system enables cardholder location and activity information to be shared with Building Management Systems

The Integriti system enables cardholder location and activity information to be shared with Building Management Systems (BMS), air conditioning and lighting systems to reduce the energy costs associated with these services. This represents real cost savings to the business.

Non-Proprietary System

Logical Services includes multiple non-proprietary system integration possibilities.

Being a non-proprietary system you have integration possibilities with a wide choice of cards, readers, locks, detectors and other peripheral devices. You are not locked into purchasing the manufacturers’ specific consumables or peripheral components.

Integration Options

InItegriti and Logical Services offers integration options with many other systems

Integriti also offers integration options with many other systems including CCTV, Club & Gym Membership software, Elevator & Lift Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Home Automation Systems, Bio-metric (Fingerprint / Retina) Readers, Fire Alarm Systems, Asset Tracking Systems, Software and Database Systems including HR, Payroll & Microsoft Active Directory for automatic creation/deletion of users or automated PC software login. Use Integriti as an over-arching Security Management System for complete control of security and facility services.

Key Features

  • Manage your system from one or many locations
  • Manage your employee’s access across all your locations
  • Easily assign or suspend access cards or fobs for your employees
  • Temporarily elevate or reduce access privileges and times
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Assign high-security dual user access or anti-passback policies
  • Receive and escalate alarms for access security violations
  • Use the event log to verify and report on all access events and violations
  • Manage and enforce site risk and; OH&S policies
  • Manage emergencies with site lockdowns and alert communications

A Full Range of Security Services

At Logical Services we offer a full range of security services via our full-time employees. We do not sub-contract any of our services and we assume full responsibility for our installations. We undertake all aspects of security, automation and integration: Risk assessment, intruder detection, access control, software control, CCTV surveillance, back to base monitoring, system servicing, building automation, security integration, and all data cabling systems and more.

Other Security Services Include:

  • Intercoms
  • Data/Phone
  • Electrical
  • Building Automation
  • Building Services Monitoring
  • Site Technology Audits
  • Fault Finding and Troubleshooting
  • End-User Training
  • System engineering
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Quotation/tender
  • On-site hardware commissioning and testing
  • On-site programming for all aspects of the system
  • On-site configuration of networking interfaces
  • On-site configuration of end-user software
  • Off-site remote programming for all aspects of the system
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Weatherproof and robust, the latest generation of Mobotix’s successful M camera models features increased modularity as well as the latest MOBOTIX 7 system platform with intelligent Plug-In App concept. The result is a system completely unrivaled in terms of performance, functionality and design.

Watch Video  – https://youtu.be/9ptAQikV0Eg


The MOBOTIX MOVE fixed dome cameras enable up to three simultaneous video streams of standard codec H.264, H.265 and/or M-JPEG. The camera also boasts a maximum resolution of 4 megapixels and captures up to 30 frames per second, even when WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode is switched on. This means that significant image details are always captured, even in poor light conditions.

Weatherproof and compact network cameras with integrated infrared LEDs for day and night use. Thanks to the stable, manually orientable metal housing in the popular Bullet design, the cameras are suitable for applications in public areas – and in the Vandal variants, even if increased vandalism protection is required (Full IK10).

The motor-controlled Outdoor PTZ camera features servo feedback technology and an electronic image stabilizer. These functions offer decisive advantages in places with strong air circulation (wind, heavy vehicles) – especially when using a higher optical zoom.

Much more than just standard: The extremely fast panning and tilt technology with powerful, long-lasting and at the same time energy-saving electric motors obtains the desired results more quickly. Clear images, even at the highest zoom level and under any lighting conditions, are also a part of our Premium PTZ camera’s seamless, complete range of features.

A weatherproof camera with combined day/night ability for 24-hour use. Includes video motion detection software MxActivitySensor.

AllroundDual M15

Interchangeable sensor modules, day/night cameras. Thermal sensor and sensor module can be displayed simultaneously in the dual image.

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AllroundDual M15

Vast choice of lenses including hemispheric models, continuous panning, tilting and zooming, low maintenance and weatherproof.

AllroundDual M15 Thermal

180º panorama image. Two lenses and two HiRes image sensors in one camera means two different areas can be secured. High image quality even in low light.


Weatherproof, easy concealable video system with two miniature sensors and a highly detailed resolution of up to ten megapixels. Two separate rooms can be secured simultaneously.

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Excellent light sensitivity in low light conditions, two-way video around the world, no blind spots, recording with sound, keyless access and integrated message function.

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Panorama from wall to wall (360º), continuous digital tilting, panning and zooming. Panorama function and quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously.

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Hemispheric Q25

Excellent light sensitivity in low light conditions, two-way video around the world, no blind spots, recording with sound, keyless access and integrated message function.

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IP Video Door Station T25

Exchangeable lenses from telephoto to wide-angle, digital continuous pan, tilt and zoom function, intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor). Can be expanded into an intercom.

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MonoDome D25

High-resolution dual IP camera. Bullet-proof with a 5mm stainless steel armour, it can be mounted on corners. Flexible lens options and expandability.

Vandalism V15
A CTA phone.

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