The Integriti System

An integration and automation system should be flexible, intuitive and functional

Building automation plays a vital role in making premises more cost efficient and in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems can all be integrated and automated via one centralised management system. Thus significant savings in energy and administrative costs can be achieved – A win-win investment for you and for the environment.

Logical Services delivers a truly unique integrated solution

It is through the integration of Mobotix CCTV and Inner Range Integriti that the system delivers its compelling advantages: Reduced equipment cost, lower installation and maintenance costs, simpler and more practical system management, complementary functionality to name just a few.

The Integriti system

The Integriti system enables cardholder location and activity information to be shared with Building Management Systems (BMS), air conditioning and lighting systems to reduce the energy costs associated with these services. This represents real cost savings to the business.

Being a non-proprietary system you have integration possibilities with a wide choice of cards, readers, locks, detectors and other peripheral devices. you are not locked into purchasing the manufacturers specific consumables or peripheral components.

Integriti also offers integration options with many other systems including CCTV, Club & Gym Membership software, Elevator & Lift Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Home Automation Systems, Bio-metric (Fingerprint / Retina) Readers, Fire Alarm Systems, Asset Tracking Systems, Software and Database Systems including HR, Payroll & Microsoft Active Directory for automatic creation/deletion of users or automated PC software login. Use Integriti as an over-arching Security Management System for complete control of security and facility services.