Don’t just record crime, actively deter crime! Logical Services also trades as, and

Security Systems: Access Control Services

Security and Access Control

In today’s environment it is important to be innovative to remain one step ahead, ensuring the best possible protection for your people and assets. Our systems provide user friendly, functional and practical future proofing solutions.

High Resolution CCTV IP Cameras

Leading Edge CCTV Video Solutions

High resolution IP Mobotix cameras:
Decentralised surveillance concept
Fewer cameras and storage devices needed
Robust and low maintenance
Better for the environment 

Building automation, building services monitoring

Other Services

Intercoms, Data/Phone, Electrical, Building Automation, Site Technology Audits, Fault Finding and Troubleshooting, Customised Interactive Software, End User Training and more

We have a vast customer base from government, military, utilities providers, managing agents, private and public companies, builders, consultants, individuals and even other security installation companies!

Systems from as small as a single motion detector through to multi-storey security, lift control, door access control and CCTV integration are projects we routinely transform from concept to completion.

Logical Services undertakes all aspects of security, automation and integration: Risk assessment, intruder detection, access control, software control, CCTV surveillance, back to base monitoring, system servicing, building automation, security integration, and all data cabling systems and more.

What makes us the experts

  • We are an Inner Range accredited dealer and as such, we have extensive knowledge of the Australian made Inner Range of products; in particular we specialise in the deployment of the Integriti system.
  • As a Mobotix Advanced Partner, we have specialist technical knowledge of the Mobotix portfolio as well as expertise in system design and integration with other services such as P.A. systems, access control and security systems.
  • We have over 20 years experience in engineering, installing, servicing and integrating security systems for our customers’ sites including small, medium, large, multi-storey and multi-site.
  • We do not sub-contract any of our services and we assume full responsibility for our installations. Our onsite technicians are in constant contact and fully supported by our in house engineering and support staff.

Our Clients